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Our Features

ProPay payment aggregator platform for End users as well as Businesses to send money securely & in a faster and easier way.

Seamless Payments

Secure authentication with Email ID & password. Easy & seamless payment process.

Verified Businesses

Businesses will be verified by the admins after Onboarding. Admins can block any business at any point of time if there activities look suspicious.


The system is secure with 2 Factor Authentication & Biometric Authentication. All the data are End to End Encrypted.

Recipient Identification

Users must be verified by completing the KYC process to start transacting money in our system.

Transaction History

All the transactions are recorded and easily tracked in our system. Invoices can be availed while transacting Money to Clients.


Users can also send messages to track record of each payment and discuss the Transaction in our In-App message.

Payment Reminders

Users can avail of this feature to get reminded of their monthly bills and directly transfer the money with a single click.

Review &

Our review system can be used to segregate the users and reduce the frauds to provide the users a safe place to Transact.

Security Tips

Online Security

ProPay will never send emails that ask for confidential information. We will never seek your personal details such as account information, password, etc at any time.


Naver share your OTP with anyon,click here for more security tips to keep you safe.

Card Safety


Never disclose your pin number to anyone, Mashreq staff will never ask for your pin number. For your security, we recommend that you change your ATM PIN regularly.

ATM Safety